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Indian Sweets & Pickles

Indian Sweets & Pickles

What Indians love to eat for its sweet, spicy, and savory fix. 

Please check our website regularly as we update you with simple yet delicious recipes that can be tried at home. We also have recipes of conventional sweets like sunnundalu, ariselu, bobbatlu, and more. Interesting facts like nutritional content, health advantages and product origination of the sweets made at Vellanki Foods will also be a section that you can look forward to.

There are thousands of chutney recipes, each region of India accepting their own. Each one has one main ingredient that dominates the taste. Garlic chutney, Tamarind chutney, Schezwan chutney, Coconut chutney, green chili chutney, etc. are some of the most popular choices.

They are full of flavour and are simply meant to be able to enjoy the food they are served with. However, they also provide health benefits that most people don’t know about. Some of them are:-

  • It helps to overcome respiratory problems

  • It helps in lowering blood cholesterol

  • It consists of many nutrients and antioxidants

  • It helps with digestion

By reading this blog if your mouth is watering and you are badly craving for some chutney or pickles then you don’t have to worry about making them or going to the store to buy them. You can search for pickles at indianshopy.com and buy the one that is made with fresh vegetables and purest spices. 


Our Mission is to deliver the best quality grocery at the lowest price at your door step.Our quality control staff scrutinizes every product carefully before delivering to our customers. The packaging staff makes sure the delivered products are clean and fresh when received by our customer. And our customer service makes sure to be at your service when you need them.






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