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    Dry Grapes (Kishmish)

    Dry Grapes (Kishmish) 1kg

    Raisin is the product prepared from the sound dried grapes of the varieties processed in an appropriate manner into a form of marketable raisin.
    Dry Dates (Peela Sukha Khajoor)

    Dry Dates (Peela Sukha Khajoor) 1kg

    Dates are nuggets of nutrition that satisfy a sweet tooth, making them ideal snacks to stave off hunger. Dates are easily digestible and since they contain simple sugars, they provide instant energy.
    Cashew Nut (Kaju)

    Cashew Nut (Kaju) 1kg

    Cashews ( Kaju ) contain low fat content when compared to other nuts and that too in the oleic acid form which is very healthy for heart.